Of Sound Mind: How To Join

Recruiting Status: Vouch Only

We are currently only accepting applications with a vouch from a current or former member in good standing. If you're unsure whether you qualify or have any questions, please join our Discord and ask for a recruiter.

If you've read the whitepaper and liked it and you're interested in joining Of Sound Mind, read on. This document describes how to apply, interview, and onboard if you get accepted.

Don't just apply in game without doing the other steps listed here - your application will get rejected.

  1. Before you apply
  2. Applying
  3. Interview
  4. Invitation
  5. Joining in game
  6. Onboarding

# Before You Apply

Do you fulfill the requirements?

# Applying

Fill out our applicant questionnaire. Once you've done this, visit us in our in-game public channel: [Of Sound Mind] (yep, with the brackets included) and ask to talk to a recruiter. Please be patient, especially if you're not USTZ - you may need to wait a while for a recruiter to be available. Your recruiter will collect some basic info and start an applicant file for you, then help you through the next steps.

Either before or after you have filled out the questionnaire, plan to attend one of our scheduled fleets. Whether a fleet is open to non-members is entirely at the discretion of the FC, but the vast majority of our fleets are open to prospective members. Ask in our public channel for information about upcoming fleets.

# Interview

After you've applied, your recruiter will work with you to schedule an interview. We use Discord for interviews so make sure you follwed the instructions in the Before You Apply section above. This interview generally lasts half an hour at most. You'll probably be asked about at least these things:

# Invitation

Once your interview is complete, your recruiter will discuss your application with the other recruitment staff. If everything looks good, your recruiter will invite you to join the corp.

# Joining In Game

If you're invited to join, you can now apply to join Nobody in Local in game. A director will give your application a final check, then accept your in-game application. Feel free to wait to confirm joining in game if you need time to move assets or similar.

# Onboarding

Once you've joined in game, it's time to: