Of Sound Mind: What Do?

This document outlines what your responsibilities are as a SOUND member, how the corp recommends you use your characters, and what ships you are supposed to have where.

Required Tasks

If you can't do these things, you won't be able to stay in SOUND. The list is very short:

Required Ships/Pods

There are no required ships or pods; it is entirely allowed to be a SOUND member without owning any ships or pods.

Recommended Ships/Pods

The corp provides options covering all of these niches, so you don't need to own any of these, but filling out your hangar / clone bay will open up more options. Amulets are very preferred for our lowsec-focused heavy armor doctrines, and if we have to reship people out of battleships or legions for some reason, we'll prioritize those without amulets since you will have 30-40% less HP.

The corp also provides entry-level blops, nano, and PvE hulls, but you are encouraged to upgrade if you enjoy these activities specifically. That said, you will never need to own personal hulls to participate.

Recommended Alts

You are never required to have alt accounts, and it is entirely acceptable to play with only one omega account. Playing with only an alpha account will not allow you to participate in most fleet content, unfortunately. If you do have multiple accounts, the corp recommends this training order for your first alt:

  1. T1 tackle/ewar frig: Racial Frigate to 3 & core skills
  2. (Optionally) Mining barge: Mining Barge to 3, drones to 5
  3. (Optionally) PI skills: Gallente Industrial to 3, planet skills
  4. Interceptor, bomber, covops for eyes: Racial Frigate to 5, interceptor, covert ops, scanning skills to 3
  5. Dictor: Racial Destroyer to 5, interdictor
  6. BR/DST: Racial Industrial to 5, transport ships
  7. Capital core: Advanced Spaceship Command 5, Jump Drive Calibration 5, Capital Ships 4
  8. Your cap of choice: Either Amarr/Gallente Carrier or Amarr/Caldari Dread, + support and weapon/drone skills as appropriate

For subsequent alts, it is a good idea to start training recon alts, more eyes/scanner alts to use as wormhole seeds or scouts, and/or more alts for easily-multiboxed activities like hauling, mining, and industry.

Recommended Tasks

You should always prioritize what you enjoy doing in the game over what the corp needs done in the short term; our long-term health relies on our members enjoying themselves and wanting to keep playing. That said, if you get enjoyment from helping the group:

However, all of these take a firm backseat to you enjoying the game. Eve is, when played correctly, an exciting, engaging, fascinating game, and nothing benefits the corp more than its members being interested and active in the game. As such, the most recommended task for you as an individual member to do is to find what you enjoy in Eve. Here are some suggestions for things you can try with relatively little SP, ISK, or time invested:

It deserves to be said again: the corp is only strong when the members enjoy the game. The best thing you can do to help the group is to find your own enjoyment in Eve, then share that enjoyment with your corp mates - post about it on Slack, write guides, encourage them to join you, and so on.