Of Sound Mind: Code of Conduct

Joining a SOUND fleet or SOUND comms? Go read the rules!

# Applicability

This document outlines the behavior expected of SOUND members and guests. The "Rules" section applies to everyone (even non-SOUND members) in all SOUND-run spaces. If you mess up, that's ok - apologize and move on. We don't expect perfection but we do expect you to try.

For SOUND members, the Rules section also applies in non-SOUND spaces where other SOUND members are present, and the additional "Principles" section applies. The Principles aren't rules and aren't enforced, but they should still guide your behavior.

# Rules

If one of these is unclear to you, ask a director or #safe for help.

The following are never allowed, regardless of whether you are being sincere or ironic:

These specific things are common elsewhere in Eve but not allowed in SOUND:

Some things are simply never allowed, and we will instantly ban you for either doing these things or discussing how to do these things:

Don't try to either lawyer these (follow the letter but not the spirit) or edgelord (by posting stuff that is just barely not forbidden). These rules are interpreted by humans, not machines, and directors can kick anyone for any reason, even if you haven't exactly, technically broken a rule.

# Principles

These are guidelines for how SOUND members behave.

Listening: This is the most important principle. If a corpmate tells you something you're doing is bothering them, listen! Stop the behavior right away even if you think you aren't doing anything wrong. If you need help resolving a disagreement with a corpmate about whether something is acceptable, ask for help in #safe on Slack, or ask any director.

Trash talk: we do not generally do this. If you are out solo or something, nobody will stop you, but if you're on a fleet, please don't trash talk. This can very easily get mean-spirited and disrespectful.

Local spam: we do not spam in Local. A coordinated "gf" after an engagement is fine, or a "never bend the knee" after fighting CVA, but that's about it. Don't copy-paste stuff in Local, don't paste ASCII art, and so on.

Drinking/drugs: while it is (unlike in real life) fine to drink and fly or "fly high", you are still expected to abide by this code, regardless of how intoxicated you are. Also, please don't bother the rest of the fleet with talk about it - we promise it isn't nearly as interesting to anyone else as it seems to you.

Opsec: since we are a relatively small group, we sometimes depend on tight security to "punch above our weight" by using surprise. To keep good security, don't discuss ongoing or future ops in public spaces. If there's another group you think might want to help us, that's great - talk to the FC or marshal for the op to see if it's okay to talk to that group before you talk to them.

Noisy topics: there are some topics that we generally don't discuss on comms or in the main Slack channels. There's nothing wrong with discussing these things - they just tend to inspire either passion or a lot of words, so there are special places on Slack set aside for them. If someone says "-> #foo", that means they want you to move the discussion to #foo instead of where it currently is; please do so.

A small amount of these things in other channels is fine, but please shunt longer discussions to the channels given above or DMs. Also, real-world politics discussion is only allowed in #earthpolitics, never in #discuss or on Teamspeak. What does and doesn't constitute "real-world politics discussion" is entirely up to the directors.