Of Sound Mind: How To Join

If you've read the whitepaper and liked it and you're interested in joining Of Sound Mind, read on. This document describes how to apply, interview, and onboard if you get accepted.

Don't just apply in game without doing the other steps listed here - your application will get rejected.

  1. Before you apply
  2. Applying
  3. Trial Fleet
  4. Interview
  5. Invitation
  6. Joining in game
  7. Onboarding

# Before You Apply

Do you fulfill the requirements?

# Applying

Fill out our applicant questionnaire. Once you've done this, visit us in our in-game public channel: [Of Sound Mind] (yep, with the brackets included) and ask to talk to a recruiter. Please be patient, especially if you're not USTZ - you may need to wait a while for a recruiter to be available. Your recruiter will collect some basic info and start an applicant file for you, then help you through the next steps.

# Trial Fleet (why?)

Your recruiter will help you find a scheduled trial fleet. We run these every week or so, but can also sometimes run them on demand if folks are available. Trial fleets will pick you up in Orvolle in Orvolle I - Federation Navy Assembly Plant. You will need to have Teamspeak installed. The fleet commander will give you access to our Teamspeak for the duration of the fleet.

You do not need to bring a ship, but if you want to, you are welcome to bring anything cruiser-sized or smaller. If you do not have or want to bring a ship, free ships appropriate for all SP levels are available.

The trial fleet generally lasts about 90 minutes, and will drop you off in Orvolle when it finishes.

# ESI Knife Audit

Your recruiter will ask you to sign up for ESI Knife, which is a website that allows your recruiter to look at your character's history, assets, and so on. This is a standard security precaution for Eve corps and does not grant any access to do anything other than view details.

# Interview

After your trial fleet, your recruiter will work with you to schedule an interview, either in writing or over Teamspeak (or maybe both at once). This interview generally lasts half an hour at most. You'll probably be asked about at least these things:

# Invitation

Once your trial fleet, ESI Knife audit, and interview are complete, your recruiter will discuss your application with the other recruitment staff. If everything looks good, your recruiter will invite you to join the corp.

# Joining In Game

If you're invited to join, you can now apply to join Nobody in Local in game. A director will give your application a final check, then accept your in-game application. Feel free to wait to confirm joining in game if you need time to move assets or similar.

# Onboarding

Once you've joined in game, head on over to onboarding to get set up!

# Questions You Might Have

# Why is there an SP maximum?

Short answer: because we want SOUND to be a positive, friendly place.

Long answer: while we know that players of every SP level have things to learn in Eve, our past experience has been that taking a lot of high-SP players makes it more difficult for low-SP players to ask questions, and can lead to a "bittervet" atmosphere of negativity about the game. That isn't fun for anyone.

If you're over the 15M SP maximum, don't worry - you can still join, but there's an extra step. Hop into our public channel or join a couple of our regular public fleets, and try to get to know a couple of existing members of the corp. We're looking for culture fit here a lot more than pilot skill - it's fine if you're bad at the game, as long as you have a good attitude about it.

# Why do I need to run PvE missions to join a PvP corp?

Short answer: because it teaches you a lot of basic game mechanics.

Long answer: while we definitely welcome players who are brand new to Eve, doing a small part of the game's learning curve on your own before you join will help make sure that you have a solid foundation and enough interest in Eve to stick with it for the long haul. If you need help with any of the missions, feel free to ask for help in our in-game public channel; there will usually be people there who can offer advice and perhaps even assistance with the missions.

The career missions also do a good job of introducing you to some of the many professions in Eve, which will help guide you towards what you might want to learn more about.

# Why do I need to go on a fleet before I even join?

Short answer: because we want to see what you're like on voice comms.

Long answer: because we want to give you the chance to see how we operate a bit, and to get a chance to see how you fly. We are definitely not looking for any kind of serious PvP skill here, regardless of how many SP you have! What we are looking for is:

The fleet always starts with a brief recap of these three things, so don't worry if you've never flown in a fleet before - just show up prepared to listen, pay attention, and do your best.